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In 2003, Edenvale Shoppes was a dream - That Dream led to the company's first ecommerce website, AdirondackChairs-Store.com. That store led to others - and that continuing success has allowed Edenvale Shoppes to become one of the premiere Internet Retailers with over 50 specialty ecommerce websites representing a tremendous array of products from a wide variety of World Class Manufacturers and Suppliers.

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"Success is about people. Treat people great - and success in inevitable"Whether it is you as a visitor or one of the many employees that are proud to be part of our organization - we know that if you treat someone fair - good things will come. As a customer - we know you have choices - and we hope to keep you forever. We understand the need to continuously give you great reasons to do business with us today, and tomorrow. We thank you in advance for giving us a chance!