StellaService Seals

The Web's Most Trusted Signal of Great Customer Service

StellaService Elite and Excellent Seals

StellaService rates the customer service performance of thousands of online stores to highlight the best places to shop on the web. Leveraging objective, unbiased data, StellaService awards top-rated online retailers a seal of service excellence to help the best stores differentiate in an ultra-competitive market.

Benefits of the Seal include:

Validate your top-rated customer service through an independent third party Increase your conversion rate and lower your bounce rate Leverage the Seal across online and offline marketing channels

Hundreds of Internet retailers proudly display this mark of service excellence:

The StellaService Seal drives performance:

"StellaService is helping to validate our commitment and dedication to our customers. It’s great to see that message resonate with our shoppers in a way that truly impacts business results."
Jeff Hennion, former CMO

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"Nearly every company in the world promises excellent service performance. StellaService is taking a disciplined approach to assessing which companies are actually keeping that promise."
Ed Macri, VP of Advertising and Business Intelligence

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