About Us

About Us

Some retailers tout great service. StellaService finds out who really delivers.

Each year, StellaService evaluates thousands of online retailers both large and small. Our customer service performance data is driven by thousands of interactions with retailers each month, collected through a process audited by global accounting and auditing firm KPMG. Our in-depth evaluations emulate a true shopping experience. For the largest retailers in the U.S., we call, email and live chat customer service questions, and monitor replies to customer service questions on Twitter. In addition, we order and return products and engage in the refund process. And, it all happens undercover so our findings are unbiased and true to the shopping experience.

StellaService is your guide to the best customer service on the Web.

Our analysts have the training and the first-hand experience to thoroughly investigate the customer service quality of each online retailer we evaluate. When all the data is in, we assign one of four ratings: Elite; Excellent; Approved; or Not Approved. All ratings are posted on our site on the retailer's profile page.

Only online retailers with Elite or Excellent ratings are eligible to display the StellaService Seal on their sites, packaging, marketing materials and advertisements. This seal is the only trustmark on the Web that objectively and credibly communicates to shoppers that a business provides great customer service. You will also see our ratings and seals integrated into search engine results and shopping comparison sites as a way to further assist shoppers in their pursuit of a fantastic online shopping experience.

To find out more about our process and products, see our FAQ.

For fantastic service, shop confidently on sites that display the StellaService Seal.

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